Genshin Impact players believe Ningguang and Kaeya should have been 5-star characters

Genshin Impact players believe Ningguang and Kaeya should have been 5-star characters 1

In discussing a hypothetical “5-star promotion system,” many Genshin Impact players agree that some characters have more potential than their current tier. 

In a gacha game like Genshin Impact, 5-star characters are all the rave. They’re usually the ones that gain much attention, and players would spend and grind for much-needed Primogems for the chance to have them in their teams. 

Beyond their fancy character banner and constellation names, 5-star characters often play a significant role in Teyvat’s lore – much like 5-star Archons, Zhongli, Raiden Shogun, and major story characters such as Tartaglia, Yae Miko, and Neuvilette. Characters on this tier are also known for being high up in the tier list for team comps and Spiral Abyss attacks. 

However, it seems like not all players agree on Genshin Impact’s “star distribution” system. In a post on Reddit discussing a hypothetical “5-star promotion system,” many players agree that some characters deserved the 5-star treatment in the first place. 

One of the most notable characters is Ningguang – a Geo Catalyst from Liyue. Beyond her unique kit with a pretty powerful punch, she also plays a leading role in the Liyue arc of the Genshin Impact storyline. Moreover, her power in the lore is astronomically powerful – imaging smashing a 60-foot monster with your own home? That’s power. 

Other comments about Ningguang note that she was supposed to be a 5-star character in the Genshin Impact pre-release beta. One proof includes that Ningguang’s best-in-slot weapon is a 5-star weapon, which both fits in her kit and looks awesome in terms of visual compatibility. 

Another fan-favorite in the list is the Cavalry Captain of Mondstadt, Kaeya. Most of the lore interactions with the sword-wielder hint that he hails from Khaenri’ah, which means he is literally “out-of-this-world” for the people of Teyvat. 

Some Kaeya fans even go as far as calling Hoyoverse “unfair” for making his stepbrother, Diluc, a 5-star character when they have equal importance to both Mondstadt and the game’s lore. 

While most people on the list focused on “promoting” the current four stars, some expressed that some 5-star characters are undeserving of their place on the tier list. Some cite that if characters with a “problematic” kit like Dehya are a 5-star, there are more characters deserving of that treatment. 

What do you think of a “5-star promotion” system? Which of your favorite 4-star characters do you think deserved more from Hoyoverse? Let us know in the comments below! 

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