Genshin Impact players baffled over cooking event oversight

Genshin Impact players baffled over cooking event oversight 1

Genshin Impact players are confused after noticing an important oversight in the game’s most recent cooking-themed event.

Genshin Impact is known for its constant events that help keep the gaming experience fresh and fun for both old and new players.

Still, players found an oversight with the game’s latest cooking-themed event wherein the dish you’ll serve is not accurately shown in the associated cutscene.

Fans quickly noticed the slip-up and soon questioned the point of the customization options if they weren’t going to be properly reflected in the cutscenes.

One Genshin Impact player posted a clip of the event to Reddit showing that the personalization options were not accurately depicted in the cutscene. The user even jokingly called the event “literally unplayable.”

Many players from the Genshin Impact community agreed and found this part of the event rather disappointing.

“I was a little disappointed that they don’t respect your setup in the cutscene,” a player shared.

Another player shared that their efforts felt ignored, “Giving you the illusion of being able to choose only for it to be ignored in the cutscene.”

byu/MasterS456 from discussion

This commotion then led to players blaming the developers for the minor yet painfully obvious oversight.

“Why do the devs even bother to make all these if it has no use?” one player asked.

Overall, the cooking-themed event was highly praised by the community but the fact that something as simple as a missing dish proves that the simplest things can be enough to rile up the masses.

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