Genshin Impact players baffled as common words now censored in chat

Genshin Impact chat

Genshin Impact’s chat filter now censors common words, leaving players both confused and frustrated.

In the vast, interactive world of Genshin Impact, communication is key—whether strategizing for battles or sharing discoveries. However, the game’s latest update to its censorship filter has inadvertently complicated basic chat, placing unexpected barriers on player interaction. This situation is particularly ironic in a game celebrated for its emphasis on exploration and discovery.

As players navigate Teyvat’s expansive realms, the last thing they expect is to be tripped up by a chat filter. Yet, that’s exactly what’s happening. Simple conversations and information sharing have become unnecessarily complex due to the filter’s broad reach.

This has led to widespread confusion, with players finding themselves unable to use everyday language without triggering censorship.

Players have taken to social media to express their disbelief and frustration over the aggressive censorship. On Reddit, discussions abound regarding the seemingly arbitrary nature of the filter. It has led to situations where words like “something” becoming “so****ing” and “method” flagged for containing “meth.”

One user lamented, “You cant say ‘something’ in chat anymore. WHY?” This sentiment is echoed widely, with the community questioning the practicality and intelligence of the current system.

The intention behind censorship in online games is to create a safe and respectful environment. However, Genshin Impact’s approach has led to an absurd level of caution, censoring words that contain harmless sequences of letters found in less savory terms.

The filter’s overzealous nature has not only hindered basic communication but has also sparked a mix of humor and criticism among the player base.

Genshin Impact Chat
Genshin Impact Chat Censorship Filter

“Seems like the intern got asked to update the bad word filter again. Every couple weeks it just overreacts to everything,” shared one player, reflecting a common sentiment that the filter is more a source of annoyance than protection.

Post-censorship, the community’s creativity has been inadvertently encouraged, leading to ironic and sarcastic comments.

“It’s fun because it encourages people to reverse engineer what the problem was, and think about things they otherwise wouldn’t have,” shared one player, humorously adding, “Boy, I could really go for some meth right now.”

Yet, the overarching consensus is clear: the censorship is counterproductive. While intended to deter inappropriate language, it fails to impede those intent on circumventing the system.

“This type of censorship is completely counterproductive… while f***ing over folks who are just trying to engage in the crime of chatting with others,” noted a frustrated player. Another added, “Stuff like this is why I think chat censorship without the option to turn it off is dumb. Censors just get in the way of communicating properly.”

While miHoYo’s intentions are undoubtedly aimed at preserving a positive gaming environment, the execution has left much to be desired. As the game continues to evolve, one hopes that feedback from its dedicated community will lead to a more nuanced approach to censorship.

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