Genshin Impact player proves hunting trap isn’t “entirely useless”

Genshin Impact player proves hunting trap isn't "entirely useless" 1

One Genshin Impact player has showcased some of the “underwhelming” benefits of using the Hunting Trap in the game.

Genshin Impact is a huge open-world game where you can interact with almost anything. The game will provide you with a wide array of items, some useful and others not so much. One of the items that is often overlooked is the hunting trap.

However, one player took to Reddit to share how you can use the hunting trap properly and receive a small benefit for using it.

Other players were stunned to see the Hunting Trap actually being used but were quick to point out there’s no real justification for using it. One user said “In the time it took to herd that boar I could kill two Sumpter beasts for twice the meat”, stating that herding the boar towards the trap is not worth the six pieces of meat.

The top commenter also stated “From what I’ve noticed, people tend to just hold onto theirs since you can’t get it and.. there’s no good use for it either”, suggesting that the trap is nothing more than a relic taking up space in your inventory.

Although many people say that the hunting trap is useless, some found this information in a more wholesome light, like this user who noticed the boar didn’t despawn and asked the community about it. “Does the hunting trap limit a boar’s running speed, ram damage and prevent it from despawning quickly?” the player asked to which other fans confirmed the case.

Genshin Impact player proves hunting trap isn't "entirely useless" 2

Many users also made light of the information, like this user appreciating the bright side of the trap’s usage “Turns out it does give 3 extra meat so it’s not entirely useless.”

Another user shared their funny experience “What? I never even knew it was a one-time use. I put my first one somewhere near Wolvendom and could never find it. This explains why if it stayed it would have a purpose but the fact that it’s a one-time use is hilarious”.

Although many Genshin Impact players still find the hunting trap to be useless, there’s no denying that it had its intended use, but eventually, the players just found better ways to get meat without using the hunting trap.

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