Genshin Impact player finds quirky color-changing trick in new Chenyu zone

Genshin Impact player finds quirky color-changing trick in new Chenyu zone 1

A Genshin Impact player has stumbled upon a quirky color-changing trick within the newly introduced Chenyu zone, sparking curiosity among fellow players.

Genshin Impact is already a visually stunning game with rich lore and many reasons to visit each location and look for hidden treasures and challenges. With a game this big, sometimes the little things are just as appreciated.

With the new Chenyu location came many updates, including new ways to travel, obtain treasures, and even new enemies to fight. But this new region from Genshin Impact also introduced the players to a new zone with a particularly odd-looking color surrounding it.

This would naturally ring the curiosity bell of players as the new lands offer nothing but new experiences; that’s why a player from the community made a rather simple yet eye-catching discovery.

This feature or bug is not at all in any way game-breaking or game-changing, but the player who posted it on Reddit garnered many positive reactions to it as if it were a much-awaited update.

Travelers can attempt the color change themselves. By using your traveler and changing your talent to Geo, you’ll be given the ability Starfell Sword as your default “E” skill. With this, you must now travel to the Chenyu region and look for a Miasma Zone; these zones have a fairly obvious color that’s different from the land around it, making it easier to find.

Once you’re there, position yourself just at the edge of the zone and use your Starfell Sword ability to summon a boulder. From there, you can put one within the zone, on its edge, and out of it, and you’ll see three different colored boulders.

This is no major update to the character’s talent and has most likely been overlooked by Genshin’s developers, but the fact that something as simple as changing colors on your abilities based on the location proves that the simplest things can be enough to satisfy the masses.

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