Genshin Impact mobile players fume over “very annoying” character switching


Mobile players of Genshin Impact are voicing their frustrations over problematic character switching.

Genshin Impact, the widely acclaimed action RPG developed by miHoYo, faces criticism from its mobile user base due to its character-switching mechanism.

Designed to immerse players in the fantasy world of Teyvat with a complex element-based combat system and diverse character roster, the game demands strategic character swapping during battles.

However, mobile players are finding this feature more frustrating than fun.

Many have taken to online forums to express their dissatisfaction, noting that the mobile interface complicates character swapping, leading to accidental activations of Ultimate abilities (ults) and disrupted combat rotations.

One player highlighted, “Like if you look at Raiden, u can see that she alternates between 1st and 2nd slots, where in PC the 1st slot character will always stay on it. Alternating is just annoying and can mess up rotations,” sharing their experience on Reddit alongside a video clip illustrating the issue.

The frustration is echoed by others who mention the ease of mistakenly tapping the ult symbol instead of switching characters. “The amount of times I’ve accidentally tapped the ult symbol while switching and wasted an ult,” shared another player, emphasizing the clumsiness of the current system.

Despite these challenges, some players have adapted, with one commenting, “My muscle memory has helped me forget this was an issue.” Yet, this sentiment isn’t universal, as others find the issue significant enough to impact their gameplay negatively, especially in high-stakes scenarios like the Abyss, where precise character control is crucial.

Criticism isn’t limited to the character-switching mechanic alone. The mobile gaming experience is under scrutiny, with one player stating, “I have a lot of respect for the Mobile gamers. I’ll do it when there’s no other choice, but there’s no doubt that the Console/PC experience is leagues better.” This highlights a broader parity issue between platforms, with mobile players feeling disadvantaged.

Feedback on the character-switching mechanic includes suggestions for improvement, such as a static character position interface to aid muscle memory development. “Everything feels good and intuitive. You get used to the layout after a while, but the character changing positions while swapping stops you from using muscle memory, and you have to look there every time. Just put all four characters on the side, please,” a player suggests, pointing out the need for a more intuitive design.

Despite the frustrations, the community continues to find humor in their predicament, with one player jokingly commenting on the developers’ intentions: “Devs said ‘f*** memory you’re going to have to look at it every time.'”

While Genshin Impact remains beloved for its engaging storyline, beautiful world, and complex combat system, mobile players call for improvements to the character-switching mechanic to enhance their gaming experience.

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