Genshin Impact's latest Lantern Rite Festival minigame has players frustrated 1

Genshin Impact players are unhappy with one of this year’s Lantern Rite Festival minigames.

According to a post from the r/Genshin_Impact subreddit, many players have issues with the “Joyful Beasts And Their Auspices Mini Game.” Genshin Impact players may recall that this minigame is a co-op-only minigame wherein players collect as many Lucky Teabricks as possible to score points. 

While some enjoy the minigame, many don’t have the same experience due to their high ping. According to the post, many players have pings that are around 100ms or more; it’s common for these players to get hit by “air” while collecting Lucky Teabricks. 

The air these players describe are other players who bump into them when they’re in Bumper Wushou Mode. Unfortunately, their ping in Genshin Impact is high enough for them to get hit by other players but not see it, making them think it’s air.

Moreover, not even those with a low ping can enjoy the game – some with around 50 ms of ping report they’re experiencing lag. According to them, players teleporting, coins disappearing, and getting pushed randomly are some of what they experienced in-game.

Although it’s unclear why these low-ping players are experiencing lag problems during gameplay, it could be due to other players’ ping. Some players believe that HoYoverse’s coding/netcode is to blame for this phenomenon. 

Some players reported that the minigame in question is unplayable with their accounts on servers not in their home region. On the other hand, other players are commenting that they’re not having these bad experiences even with around 200ms of ping. 

Whether the problem with players is their ping or their skill is something only they can answer. Thankfully, however, players can still get points by going AFK (or not actively participating at all), which makes scoring points less stressful than it could be.

Nevertheless, many players are seemingly unsatisfied with how HoYoverse formats its event minigames. According to these players, the developer should let players choose to play these events by themselves or with other people, allowing them to play the minigame however they like.

HoYoverse has released minigames that offer such a choice to players before. Why the China-based game developer didn’t make the same offer to players for this year’s Lantern Rite Festival minigames is a mystery. 

While it’s difficult to say if HoYoverse is listening to the complaints Genshin Impact players make in their surveys, HoYoverse could feature more minigames with player choice and a better netcode in mind. Only time can tell if HoYoverse will actually do so.

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