Genshin Impact fans call for cooking system revamp after “high quality” event

Genshin Impact fans call for cooking system revamp after "high quality" event 1

Genshin Impact fans are praising the new cooking animations and want them to become a permanent feature.

Genshin Impact is known for its art style, in-depth lore, and amazing gameplay. The game’s animations, cutscenes and events are the cherry on top, but sometimes fans want more of them because it makes the game more appealing.

A Reddit user shared a short clip of their experience with the new cooking event, garnering much attention from other fans who agreed that Lumine’s facial animations while cooking were “hilarious.”

Many people immediately wanted to have this as the default cooking animation as evidenced by the top commenter saying “I wish this was the cooking animation when we do the regular non-event cooking.” Many others fully agreed with them, writing, “Me too. It’s funny how Hoyo has made several better event cooking minigames since launch but none of them have stayed around.”

Another Reddit user shared screenshots of the event, complimenting its impressive animation despite being a short event.

This too, has received attention from the fanbase like the top commenter saying “Bartender event (v2.5) has a new animation too, kinda nice we have another event like this”.

Meanwhile, other fans like this commenter are hopeful that this animation could be permanent “I’m always game for a more expressive traveler.”

This feedback from Genshin Impact fans proves that small things like character expression and short minigames keep the experience both fresh and entertaining.

In a large world like Genshin Impact, it’s sometimes good to just sit down and appreciate the minor things you can do or notice in the game.

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