Genshin Impact fan shares “big brain” strategy for new version 4.5 Chronicled Wish banner

Genshin Impact fan shares "big brain" strategy for new version 4.5 Chronicled Wish banner 1

A Genshin Impact player explains their “big brain” strategy for the upcoming version 4.5 Chronicled Wish banner.

Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game released in September 2020, developed by miHoYo and globally published by HoYoverse. Players of the game can enjoy exploring the various regions of Teyvat and building the characters they acquired.

The game also has rich main and side storylines and introduces the new wish banners of new characters. There are currently two featured characters banners, weapon banner and the standard banner.

In the recent 4.5 live stream, developers introduced the new Event Wish system called the “Chronicled Wish.” This new event wish would allow players to wish for certain rerun characters and weapons. Players can pull for the characters and weapons using their Intertwined Fates.

In the Chronicled Wish banner, there is a thing called “Fate Point” which you will get if you lose your 50/50. Having the Fate Point would guarantee you to get the character or weapon you selected. However, players should be wary as these Fate Points do not carry over the next Chronicled Wish. Only the number of pulls you did will carry over.

A Genshin Impact player shared that they’ve seen other people debating that one shouldn’t pull for the Chronicled Wish banner unless they had 160 to 180 fates ready. While they agreed this would be the best strategy, there is another way for those who didn’t save that many fates.

They continued that players should always have a spare 90 pulls until they lose their 50/50. If the player is at 100 pulls, it’s generally safe to do another 10 pull, or if they had 110 then they could do two 10 pulls as long as they still have 90 pulls available.

They recommended that those who want a new limited character should plan ahead and not focus on the Chronicled Wish, as the pulls you did on that banner will stay there.

Another player wished that the Genshin Impact developers announced the duration of the Chronicled Wish event banner and if it would transition seamlessly. They stated that the strategy of the poster was great but worried that if it’s only for a patch, they should go for three to four patches without another one.

The version 4.5 update of Genshin Impact will go live on March 13, 2024. Players will then see the duration of the Chronicled Wish banner. So, it’s ultimately up to you to decide whether you wish to get Klee, Albedo, or someone else on the banner!

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