Genshin Impact could get 'region-exclusive' banner soon 1

Genshin Impact could soon get a third banner plays can ‘pull’ on for characters they don’t have (or their copies).

A post from MeroMero via the r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks folder stated that the supposed leaks about a third banner coming to Genshin Impact are real. According to them, this new banner will exclusively feature characters from “the same region.”

Unfortunately, MeroMero didn’t give any other information aside from that. However, there have been rumors about a third banner coming to Genshin Impact for some time. According to previous posts on the subreddit, “leakers” talked about a third banner since August 2022 – some said each update has three two-week-long phases instead of the two phases players currently have.

With the release of Genshin Impact’s 4.4 update, the game now has 78 characters, excluding the Traveller. Having such a banner available every update will significantly shorten the wait times players must go through to get the characters they want. They could also be another way to get copies of the game’s three starting characters – Amber, Lisa, and Kaeya.

Whether these are the rumors MeroMero was confirming is still unclear. Unfortunately, with Mero and the other “leakers” not giving more detailed information, these banners could be like the normal ones (featuring a five-star character and three four-star characters) or just feature four-star characters instead. 

The banner could also withhold certain five-star characters special enough to warrant their own limited-time banner. Either way, this third banner can be players’ ticket to a character they either don’t have or want to enhance by completing their constellations by getting copies of them.

Getting the Stella Fortuna of the characters they have unlocks abilities that can better aid players while adventuring, grinding for materials/artifacts, or completing the Spiral Abyss. For instance, a player with Kamisato Ayaka could get an enhanced version of her Elemental Burst “Kamisato Art: Soumetsu” if they unlock her second constellation star (C2).

Moreover, unlocking constellation stars will also increase the level cap of characters’ Elemental Skill and Burst to 15, providing players the means to deal more damage to opponents whenever they use them. It could also improve the healing/enhancing output of characters that focus on healing or buffing other characters, respectively.

Nevertheless, news about a third character banner is something many Genshin Impact players were happy to know about. Some are curious about what kind of currency this banner will require players to use. Currently, Genshin Impact uses Intertwined Fates for event and weapon banners, while Acquiant Fates are for the game’s standard banner.

Others wonder how the third character banner will work alongside the event banners – it could feature new characters per week or showcase characters from different regions instead. Nevertheless, the news about a third banner is only rumors at best – players should still wait for HoYoverse’s official announcement confirming such a mechanic will exist in Genshin Impact’s future. 

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