Genshin Impact smashes first-day sales record in China despite call for boycotts 1

Genshin Impact continues to be one of the most profitable games in the market, as the Xianyun & Nahida banner reportedly raked in $500k in China Day 1 sales. 

Despite massive calls for a Genshin Impact boycott after the Lantern Rite awards controversy, Hoyolab’s main moneymaker still reigns supreme on the release of the 4.4 banner. reports that the latest banner surpassed the Furina and Baizhu sales last November 2023. 

Xianyun is a much-awaited character from Liyue, Genshin Impact’s in-game region reminiscent of China. Beyond being a character that introduces a new plunge meta for the game’s combat, Xianyun also garnered support due to her stunning character design and lore. 

Genshin Impact smashes first-day sales record in China despite call for boycotts 2

But more than the appeal of the new character, Nahida’s rerun banner is also not to be underestimated. Plenty of Genshin Impact players devotedly waited for Nahida’s rerun due to her party flexibility and is valuable as a Dendro support that most party comps need. 

Genshin Impact fans react to Xianyun and Nahida banner

In a Reddit post on r/GenshinImpact, the community wasn’t surprised that the Chinese player base showed massive support for the 4.4 update.

It is also noteworthy that the Xianyun and Nahida banner was released a few weeks before Lunar New Year, a season for celebration and generosity for Chinese people. 

The influx of Primogem (the in-game currency) sales may also be attributed to the Lunar New Year special skins and cosmetics for Ganyu and Shenhe, released alongside the character banner.

Some players remarked that the boycott spearheaded by many Genshin Impact content creators is only relevant in Western and Global markets, not Hoyolab’s home country. 

Plenty of Genshin Impact content creators remain firm in their stand to boycott purchasing in-game currencies of the game in a call for better rewards and event compensation. 

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