Best Gaming Build in Genshin Impact: Weapons, Artifacts, Constellations & Team Comps 1

If you want to unlock the full potential of Gaming in Genshin Impact, you’re in the right place.

Our comprehensive Gaming build guide for genshin Impact will help you optimize Gaming using the right combination of weapons, artifacts, and team synergy.

Gaming Character Demo (Genshin Impact)

How to Build Gaming in Genshin Impact

Gaming is a 4-star Pyro Main DPS character that focuses on Plunge Attacks to deal damage. His kit allows him to do plunge attacks which makes up most of his damage.

Gaming’s distinct playstyle requires a nuanced approach to maximize his effectiveness in combat. This article will delve into the best Weapons that complement Gaming’s skills, the ideal Artifacts that enhance his elemental powers, and the most synergistic Team Compositions to elevate Gaming’s performance.

Best Gaming Weapons

Gaming uses Claymore as his weapon. He is a Main DPS character; thus, weapons that enhance his damage are the best weapons for him. There are both 4-star and 5-star weapons that we can recommend to use on Gaming:

Weapon Sub-stat
Beacon of the Reed Sea (Limited 5-Star)CRIT Rate
Skyward Pride (Standard 5-Star)Energy Recharge
Verdict (Limited 5-Star)CRIT Rate
Serpent Spine (Battle Pass Exclusive)CRIT Rate
Rainslasher (Limited 4-Star)Elemental Mastery
Mailed Flower (Event Exclusive)Elemental Mastery
Best Gaming Weapons

Best 5-Star Weapons for Gaming

For the best 5-star weapon for Gaming, it is recommended to give him Beacon of the Reed Sea, as this gives large stats such as having 608 Base Attack and a whopping 33.1% CRIT Rate as a Sub-stat at level 90.

This also further enhances Gaming’s Elemental Skill because of the weapon’s passive where if the user uses an Elemental Skill, their attack will be enhanced by 20% for 8s and gives an additional 20% when taking damage at Refinement 1 (R1).

Skyward Pride emerges as one of the top choices, as well, for its excellent stats and passive damage boost. This boasts 674 Base Attack and 36.8% Energy Recharge. Its passive increases all DMG by 8%.

Additionally, it creates a vacuum upon hitting enemies with their Elemental Burst, Normal, or Charged Attack that deals 80% of Attack (at R1). This is especially potent with a Bennett buff but without these conditions, though, its ranking falls.

Verdict is another top-tier choice for Gaming due to its high Base Attack (674) and decent CRIT Rate (22.1%). Its first passive increases Attack by 20% (at R1) which is good for Gaming but the second passive cannot be fully utilized. While it doesn’t fully utilize its Elemental Skill damage bonus, its base stats are too good to ignore.

Best 4-Star Weapons for Gaming

Serpent Spine stands as a universally fantastic weapon. It is the best 4-star Weapon choice as it has 510 Base Attack and 27.6% CRIT Rate. Its only caveat is the need to avoid taking hits to maintain its passive. If you find maintaining its passive challenging, other weapons might suit you better, like the 5-Star Weapons mentioned above.

For players who prefer Elemental Mastery weapons for Elemental Reaction teams, Mailed Flower and Rainslasher are excellent options.

Mailed Flower is a great free-to-play friendly alternative if you got this Weapon during the Windblume event. It has a Base Attack of 565 and Elemental Mastery of 110. Gaming can also make use of its passive, especially when using a Vaporize team, as it increases Attack by 12% and Elemental Mastery of 48 at R1.

Rainslasher is another great option a it has a higher Elemental Mastery than Mailed Flower. It has a Base Attack of 510 and Elemental Mastery of 165. Although its passive can be quite conditional as it requires enemies to be affected by Hydro or Electro which is something to take note.

Best Gaming Artifacts

When it comes to artifacts, Gaming finds his best fit with the 4-piece Marechaussee Hunter set. We can farm this set in the Denouement Of Sin Domain located at Fontaine Region.

The 4-piece Marechaussee Hunter set can give us up to 32% CRIT Rate when the character equipped with this Artifact increases or decreases their HP which what Gaming does with his Elemental Skill and Burst. While the two-piece effect might not always be relevant, the 4-piece CRIT Rate bonus is a game-changer, compensating for any lost damage bonus.

If this set isn’t available or you’re exploring other options, consider sets like Vermillion Hereafter for Attack buffs, Crimson Witch of Flames for Pyro Damage enhancement, and Shimenawa’s Reminiscence for an Attack and Damage bonus.

Best Artifact Sets
Marechaussee Hunter4pc
Vermillion Hereafter4pc
Crimson Witch of Flames 4pc
Shimenawa’s Reminiscence4pc
Best Gaming Artifacts

This is the ideal main stats for Gaming, especially with Marechaussee Hunter:

ArtifactMain Stat
SandsAttack % / Elemental Mastery Sands
GobletPyro Damage Bonus
CircletCRIT Rate / CRIT Damage
Recommended Main Stats for Gaming

In Vaporize-focused teams, consider an Elemental Mastery Sands.

Sub-stats should prioritize reaching the Energy Recharge threshold (around 175% pre-C4, dropping to 155% post-C4), followed by Elemental Mastery in vaporize comps (around 200 EM), CRIT Stats (aiming for a 75-150% ratio), and lastly, attack percent.

Best Gaming Constellations

Gaming’s constellations vary in impact, with C6 being a game-changer for him.

  • C1 – provides a nice quality-of-life heal
  • C4 – valuable for reducing energy recharge needs, allowing for more damage-focused builds.
  • C6 – notably enhances CRIT Rate, CRIT Damage, and AOE, making it a substantial upgrade.

These three Constellations are the best Constellations to get, but C0 is already good enough, so you don’t need to feel to pull for his Constellations, especially if you are F2P.

Best Gaming Team Comps

Gaming shines in team compositions that leverage his strengths. There are various team comps to choose from depending on the play style you are after:

Gaming Main DPS Team Comp

XianyunBuffer / Healer
BennettBuffer / Healer / Pyro Resonance
FurinaSub DPS
Gaming Main DPS Team Comp

Vaporize Team Comp

Furina / XingquiHydro Applicator / Sub DPS
Yelan Hydro Applicator / Sub DPS
BennettBuffer / Healer / Pyro Resonance
Gaming Vaporize Team Comp

Forward Melt Team Comp

Bennett / Layla / DionaHealer / Shielder
FurinaHydro Applicator / Sub DPS
Rosaria / KaeyaCryo Applicator / Sub DPS
Gaming Forward Melt Team Comp

Mono Pyro Team Comp

BennettBuffer / Healer / Pyro Resonance
KazuhaResistance Shred
XianglingSub DPS
Gaming Mono Pyro Team Comp

Bennett, despite some range limitations with his deployable field, offers such significant buffs that he’s almost mandatory for optimizing Gaming’s performance. Note that you can also use other characters that you have as a substitute and don’t feel like you need to pull for these characters.

In summary, building Gaming in Genshin Impact revolves around selecting the right weapons and artifacts to maximize his damage output, carefully choosing team compositions that enhance his abilities, and considering his constellations for additional boosts. With the right setup, Gaming can be a top-tier DPS character in your roster.

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