Dual Universe PvP Battle

Novaquark has released a new PvP gameplay trailer for the upcoming sci-fi MMO Dual Universe. The new trailer shows the scale and depth of space combat in the game, and how PvP battles will rely on both strategy and force.

According to the developer, having a knack for building ships or the resources to buy the best ships will be vital to success in Dual Universe. Ship materials, size, damage, and weapon types will be just as important as maneuvering through the battlefield quickly. Battles will be based on a lock-and-fire mechanism, and range from skirmishes to full-on warfare. The trailer also highlights real-time voxel damage in Dual Universe. Player-built ships sustain damage depending on the flow of battle. Every squad or organization member of a battleship crew has a role to play in combat. 

CEO Jean-Christophe Baillie said, “With Dual Universe’s PvP, we have tried to do something really unique and innovative, leveraging the potential of our voxel engine, and first-person immersion inside potentially very large ships. Fans will have to rely on both their design and combat skill in order to stake a claim for themselves in battle. It’s all about strategy and planning, teamwork and coordination, just like real life, large-scale naval battles.” Novaquark has stated that more details and information regarding PvP will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Players can buy pledge packs for Dual Universe, which range from $60 to $180. Buying a pledge pack will allow them to gain access to the game’s Beta test. The Beta launch will take place later in 2020. The final game will arrive in 2021. For more information on Dual Universe, visit the official website

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