Destiny 2

Bungie announced the return of the Trials of Osiris every weekend, as part of Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy. This player-favorite 3v3 PVP mode will go live on Friday, March 13, at 10 am PT. A minimum power level of 960 is required to participate.

The Trials of Osiris rewards perfection. According to the lore on the Destiny 2 site, the Cult of Osiris seeks Guardians with unequaled teamwork and exceptional execution. Those who get multiple wins in a row to earn Pinnacle gear. Seven wins in a row will receive additional rewards and access to The Lighthouse.

Key features of the trials will include the return of the Cauldron, Exodus Blue, and Anomaly Maps from the first Destiny game. The trials armor and weapons, including guns such as the Eye of Sol, the Jewel of Osiris, and The Summoner, will return. After a flawless run, The trials armor will glow for the rest of the week with holograms. 

Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy allows players to see how game series’ story continues to unfold. They can take on activities such as new Seraph Tower public events, bunker activities, and the aforementioned Trials of Osiris starting on Friday, March 13.

In addition to the Trials of Osiris, The Season of the Worthy allows players to defend the Last City from the Red Legion by powering up Rasputin. They can upgrade the Warmind Khanjai to earn seasonal gear mods. Players can rank up to unlock the Seventh Seraph, a seasonal armor set, and Tommy’s Matchbook, an exotic auto rifle.

The Trials of Osiris returns every weekend starting Friday, March 13, at 10 am PT, as part of Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy. Those who have achieved a power level of 960 will be able to participate. For more information, visit the official Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy¬†site.

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