Sword of the Necromancer - Tama

JanduSoft S.L. and Grimorio of Games announced the Sword of the Necromancer Kickstarter achieved pledges totaling over $160,000 on its original $16,413 goal. The campaign has hit all of its stretch goals, with three days left until it ends. Stretch goals for the Kickstarter included Colosseum Mode, Boss Rush, Dungeon Builder, as well as remastered music, a song by Dale North and Emi Evans, and an animated opening.

Sword of the Necromancer follows Tama, a former rogue tasked with accompanying Koko, a priestess, on her pilgrimage across the continent. After the priestess falls, Tama decides to bring the body to the Necromancer’s crypt, where the once rogue will take on all the evils that lurk in the dark of the dungeon to bring Koko back. In the game, the player must equip relics and weapons, gather a force of monsters, and become powerful enough to confront the guardians that stand in her way. Sword of the Necromancer lets Tama revive fallen enemies and makes them to battle alongside her using the forbidden powers of the Sword of the Necromancer. 

When the player equips those objects and relics, they boost Tama’s attributes and stats. The player has four equipment slots to which Relics, monsters, weapons, and objects can be assigned. When the player presses the corresponding controller button, they will use the item. While Relics will work passively, the other buttons can be used to execute combos. This set up allows for combos.

Weapons each have their own attributes, such as area effects, combos, and reach. Tama can use magic, swords, axes, spears, and bows. During gameplay, the character will gain the Flask of the Homunculus. With a second controller connected, this item will allow Tama to create a copy of herself that a second player can control. This copy and can do everything Tama can except summon monsters or revive.

The Sword of the Necromancer Kickstarter ends in three days, on May 8, 2020. Grimorio of Games and JanduSoft S.L. aims to launch the game digitally and physically to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. For more information on the Sword of the Necromancer Kickstarter, visit the official site.

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