Summer Steam Sale dates and loyalty rewards program leaked 1

Summer Steam Sale dates have been leaked again, and Pavel Djundik, one of the data-mining masterminds behind SteamDB, has found the workings of a new Steam rewards program that is most likely rolling out in time to surf the stampede for all games cheap and abundant. The sale is apparently scheduled for June 25 until July 9, 2020, according to a Tweet by Djundik. However, we’re still waiting on Steam to confirm. And for that matter, listen for Steam to confirm the rewards program, too. So dampen your excitement — or dread for your lack of willpower — just enough to be realistic.

As far as the user loyalty program goes, Djundik tweeted about its discovery and the source code he found in GitHub for a handful of new attributes like points that will show up in users’ carts, badges, digital — I’d assume — rewards, and the potential for game discounts. In addition, there will be a new set of reactions users can use to spice up their comments: “deep thoughts,” “heartwarming,” “hilarious,” “hot take,” “poetry,” and “xhelpful” where the “x” will distinguish between “thanks” and not so much.

It’s no surprise Steam is working on this as already massive amounts of people are gaming from home during the stay-at-home mandate in place from the effect of the coronavirus. Steam broke records for number of concurrent players during the onset of the pandemic, and as successful as the Summer Steam Sale already is, enormous discounts and more free time on peoples’ hands will most likely mean an elevation of purchases to a degree that is higher than usual during the event.

With the potential of loyalty rewards added in, Steam will introduce a new layer of medal collecting to their client and honor their users with perks for their loyalty, which could boost sales even higher. And if the rumor is true, the rewards of even more discounts off of already steeply slashed games could stack on. So mark your calendars, tentatively, and we’ll see what Steam is planning to greet us with soon.

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