Iron Meat Key Art

Screenwave Media and Ivan Suvorov have released a new Iron Meat teaser trailer and demo. The classic run-and-gun platform shooter game demo will let players run through the first two levels of the game. They will encounter the horrors of the Forest, and the nightmare climb through the industrial level, Shaft. 

The grindhouse gunner features terrifying enemies and bosses, mixed with pixelated gory graphic violence, and that retro SNES-era charm. In the indie game, Mars has fallen to an unknown horrifying entity that has consumed and transformed all human life into monstrosities. The few remaining survivors, who did not expect to be alive much longer, left a message. At the time of the message’s recording, over ten thousand people had been killed in a little more than an hour. A single soldier has been sent in to fix that whole problem. Who did he upset? Good luck, soldier! 

The vibe of the Iron Meat trailer is, “What if Doom killed Super Contra and wore its skin?” The game consists of eight levels of gameplay, with three levels of difficulty, and has a lot of guns, enemies, and bosses. Fans of the classic 16-bit era pixel art style will feel right at home. It’s a single-player game, with full controller support and features music by Darkman007. Artist, Jeff Delgado created the cover art for Iron Meat.

Iron Meat is Russian game developer Ivan Suvorov’s first indie game release. The game was inspired by grindhouse horror films, the fast-paced 90’s era of action-packed side-scrolling shooters, and death metal. Screenwave Media is a company that brings content creators together with the tools they need to succeed on multiple publishing platforms, in various online mediums. They are publishing Iron Meat.

Screenwave Media and Ivan Suvorov encourage players to wishlist the game on Steam and download the demo from For more information on the game, visit the Steam page

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