Neon Abyss Rogue-Lite Screenshot

Neon Abyss will launch on July 14, 2020, to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The upcoming rogue-lite game challenges players to take on the New Gods as part of the Grim Squad, who have been tasked by Hades to bring down the New Gods.

Players will run ‘n’ gun their way through neon-splattered dungeons and rooms filled with enemies to overthrow the Gods of Mobile Video, Fast Food, Plushies, and more. Neon Abyss has mini-puzzles to solve, pets to hatch and evolve, and items to collect. When players die, they come back stronger and better prepared to face what awaits them. Team17 and Veewo Games have made a free Neon Abyss demo available for download on Steam. The game is limited to 15 minutes of play on Easy, 18 minutes on Medium, and 24 minutes on Hard.

Some features of the Neon Abyss include:

  • Rogue-lite: Some of the players’ previous progress is preserved from earlier runs. Upon returning, players are more powerful than before. 
  • Evolving Dungeon and Expansive Content: Players of Neon Abyss can choose a personalized upgrade path to expand the dungeon and unlock new bosses, rooms, special rules, items, and new endings. The game contains dynamically generated maps, more than 400 items, monsters with different fight styles, and enough secrets to ensure that no run through the abyss is the same.
  • Pet Hatching and Evolving: Players will be able to nurture eggs until they hatch into random pets. They can then evolve pets to give them additional perks and firepower.
  • Unlimited item synergies: According to the developer, every run will be unique. There are almost limitless effect combinations. Passive effects will stack. Random item drops in the levels will provide players with the chance to stack for destructive attacks.
  • Mini-games: Players who take a break between gods slaying will find mini-games such as fight clubs, dance competitions, meditation challenges, piano performances, and more. The mini-games will give players the chance to kick back, relax, and earn extra loot.

Neon Abyss will launch on July 14, 2020, to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. To download the free Neon Abyss demo, visit the Steam page. For more information on the game, follow the official FacebookTwitter, or join on Discord.

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