Before We Leave upcoming launch date announced

Before we leave

Before We Leave, a civilization-building exploration game will launch on May 8, 2020. Balancing Monkey Games announced that their game would be available for purchase on the Epic Games store. 

In Before We Leave, players jump into the role of the leader of a tribe. The tribespeople became cave dwellers when catastrophic disasters forced them to seek shelter underground. Many generations later, these denizens of the caves have emerged from their seclusion curious about the world around them. The player must rebuild civilization, and encourage their burgeoning society to expand to other continents and then to other planets.

Resource management is key to thriving in the game’s solar system. A successfully managed society on the player’s homeworld will lead to the discovery of ancient technology and the creation of a network of colonies across planets. Once in space, players will discover the dangers of the universe. There are ancient world guardians that will need the player’s attention and who will impose challenges upon the player’s cities and planets. Newly discovered worlds the player inhabits had been destroyed by catastrophes similar to those that drove the player’s tribespeople underground, and will again if the new civilizations are poorly managed.

There are no battles with other tribes or societies for control of resources, or weapons to be found in Before We Leave. Instead, players may find their end brought on by the flippers of enormous planet-eating space whales. Beyond that, and the aforementioned natural disasters, the game’s goal is to create a peaceful and picturesque atmosphere that allows players to relax and unwind while building their new society in whichever way they please.

Before We Leave will launch on May 8, 2020. The civilization-building exploration game will be made available for purchase by developers, Balancing Monkey Games. For more information, visit the Epic Games store.

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