Six Temples Hack and Slash Arena

Camel Cup Graphics announced the launch of Six Temples to Steam Early Access. In this arena magic hack-and-slash game, players select one of 12 heroes to fight as part of a team of 16 in competitive arena matches. 

The New Mexico studio set the game in a fictional, mythic past. Players can cut through shadow creatures, summon powerful spells, and claim the Relics of Power in the Age of Apocalypse. Six Temples features 12 playable characters for the player to choose from. Players can be a vicious Executioner, a fire-wielding Wizard, a lethal Assassin, a wily Huntress, mystic Shaman, and more.  

Using the Directional Melee Combat System, players are not only thrown against a swarm of undead and other environmental monsters and minions who are defending the map, but they must also fight each other. Battles may be won by capturing control points, eliminating the opposition, or holding a defensive line. 

The game also features abilities, which provide players with unique skills that run the gamut from straightforward passive effects to destructive explosions to more complex, game-altering feats. All characters in Six Temples have access to multiple abilities throughout each match. They have four or more basic abilities and two or more supercharged abilities. Players will also be able to use magical items to sway the tide of battle in their favor and collect treasure from fallen AI mobs.

Six Temples has a selection of dynamic maps to be played, including Alkazar. There are multiple game modes to allow for different gaming experiences. The magic hack-and-slash arena game has full controller support in addition to keyboard and mouse. A full-featured offline mode is available to those looking to get away from the online experience for a bit. This mode includes enemy bots that have adjustable difficulty levels.

The game will retail on Steam for $29.99 and is currently available for $20.99. To learn more about Six Temples, visit the official website.

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