Ring of Elysium Season 8

Ring of Elysium Adventurer Pass Season 8, Aftermath, has been released by Aurora Studios. This latest update includes a new map, Vera, which is located east of the Andes mountains, and in the path of a radioactive sandstorm. Players will have to fight in close quarters and with a natural disaster on their heels. As matches progress, a sandstorm will take over more of the map. Season 8 also features new characters and vehicles for players to unlock and take into battle in the new map. 

New vehicles will include the Viper truck and Viper SUV, and a new mobility skill, the traversal motorbike. The SCAR-H, a 7.62 assault rifle, will be in Vera as a new airdrop weapon. Six new tactical abilities will be available. A recon drone and biosignal detector will enable enemy detection. Stealth cloaks and holographic decoys will permit slipping by enemies. Medguns will restore health. Deployable shields will reduce oncoming damage.

Three new seasonal characters will be available to unlock. Players can use Arvid, Jaques, and Moore to battle through Vera’s radioactive storm. The Adventurer Pass will open up the latest season reward, and daily logins will reward players with items such as a set of traversal equipment appearances.

Aurora Studios added new events to Ring of Elysium with the start of Aftermath. Players can participate in the Citori weapon skin event through June 18, 2020. Players who log in during the event will receive a 14-day trial version of the Rattlesnake weapon skin. If they earn 100 points during the event, they’ll unlock a permanent version of the weapon. They will gain points for each day they log in and for completing daily tasks. Aurora Studios has split the Lucky Draw event into four seven-day stages. It will run from now through May 7, 2020. Players can visit the Event Center and draw five times per stage and are guaranteed a single item from the prize pool for each stage of the event.

Updates to Battle Buddy and the leaderboard have been rolled out as well. Aurora Studios has reset leaderboards, ratings, and personal statistics, giving players a fresh start for the season. Updated rewards are available in the Battle Buddy system, and they have reset all relationships.

Ring of Elysium and Season 8 of the Adventurer Pass, Aftermath, is available for free on Steam. For more information about the game, visit the official website.

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