Pyramid Head is new Dead by Daylight Silent Hill Killer

The newest Dead by Daylight killer to be introduced is the iconic horror video game character, Pyramid Head of Silent Hill. Behaviour Interactive and Konami announced the latest Chapter of the asymmetrical 4v1 game, Dead by Daylight Silent Hill. Players can check the new Chapter out  on the Public Test Build on Steam now.

Dead by Daylight Silent Hill features elements from the Silent Hill series, including Pyramid Head, the Midwich Elementary School map, and new survivor, Cheryl Mason. Midwich Elementary School is a place of indescribable horrors. In the place of the innocence that filled these halls are rusted chains, blood-stained walls, hanging corpses, and the strong feeling that very bad things took place here. Pyramid Head, also known as The Executioner, is a cruel killer that dispenses punishment through pain and always has his great blade in tow. Cheryl Mason is the newest survivor. She freed herself from a religious cult, where she was once known as Heather. She has been drawn into the eternal battle in the Entity’s realm.

Mathieu Côté, Game Director on Dead by Daylight, said of the update, “We are so thrilled to welcome Silent Hill as Chapter 16 of Dead by Daylight. Silent Hill is such an iconic video game license, and to add it to our legendary roster of horror is truly an honor. We hope players will have as much fun discovering this Chapter as we had in making it.”

Dead by Daylight has more than 20 million players across all platforms, globally, with one million players on PC, consoles, or mobile a day. Since 2016, the 4v1 multiplayer horror game has welcomed legends from TV, movies, and video games. Dead by Daylight Silent Hill is now live on the Public Test Build on Steam. It will launch to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on Tuesday, June 16, 2020. For more information on the new Dead by Daylight killer, Pyramid Head, and other updates, visit the official site.

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