Officially licensed Fallout “Nuka-World Welcome Kit” lands on Merchoid shelves for preorder

Officially licensed Fallout "Nuka-World Welcome Kit" lands on Merchoid shelves for preorder 1

For those of you who enjoy collecting licensed merchandise for your favorite game almost as much as playing your favorite game itself, stay tuned. 

Initially released on August 30, 2016, Bethesda’s Fallout 4 expansion, Fallout 4: Nuka-World, expanded the series’ post-apocalyptic universe to explore the fictional amusement park of Nuka-World. Now, almost four years later, a tangible souvenir commemorating this post-apocalyptic theme park has arrived.

Certainly fitting at a time like this for such a piece to exist amidst the cacophony of COVID-19,  gaming and entertainment merchandise shop, Merchoid, has hand-selected an officially licensed Nuka-World Welcome Kit to add to the list of their available preorders.

Cleverly and realistically made, this Fallout collectible offers a lenticular screen on the front of the kit box that broadcasts “live” from the park entrance as well as a wind-up key that triggers the Nuka-World theme song to play like it would from a music box. Fans will find all things necessary to thoroughly prepare for a lovely day at the park and relish all that it has to offer. Going for $80.99 USD including taxes and shipping, the Nuka-World Welcome Kit contains the following:

  • Nuka Cola Vending Machine Inspired Case including an Animated Screen
  • Music Box playing the Nuka World Theme Song
  • Nuka World Theme Park Ticket
  • Nuka World Theme Park Guidebook detailing the information and restrictions for the attractions within the Park
  • Nuka World Map detailing the locations for all the attractions within the Park.
  • VIP Lanyard & Pass for the Park.
  • Nuka World Park Mascots – Bottle & Cappy Pin Badge
  • Nukacade Token – Can be spent at the machines in the Nuka-Cade in order to win tickets to redeem various prizes.
  • Nuka World Bottle Cap Collection (Containing 4 Bottle Caps)
  • 2 x Nuka World Tickets –
  • 1x Nuka-Cade ticket used to buy items and weapons at the prize terminal
  • 1x Grandchester Mystery Museum ticket
  • Find the hidden Cappys Flyer – Can you find all the hidden Cappys? This flyer is sure to help you along the way!
  • Bottle & Cappy sticker
  • Nuka World coaster
  • A Cappy crazy straw for drinking all that Nuka Cola
  • A Nuka-World postcard to tell all your friends about the wonders of Nuka-World.

If a visit to Nuka-World sounds like one thing to check off your bucket list, you now can have the kit to do it. 

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