New Dual Universe space MMO trailer released 1

Novaquark, the studio behind space MMO Dual Universe, released a new trailer in anticipation of their recently aired Q&A livestream. The trailer introduces the game’s unique gameplay, and the Q&A took place on the new Dual Universe Twitch channel.

The trailer features Dual Universe’s continuous, single-shard universe, which according to the Novaquark, works differently from other online games that offer instantiated game worlds. Players can build and share with others using a vast voxel creation system in one shared universe, at the same time. The trailer also showcases the game’s player-driven economy and organization system. 

The studio’s newly launched Twitch channel for the game will serve as the home of the Dual Universe community. It will feature exclusive content, including videos on upcoming gameplay features, interviews with the dev team, AMAs, and more. Novaquark’s livestream Q&A session featured CEO Jean-Christophe Baillie, who spoke on the state of the company, the game’s production schedule, community topics, as well as other topics. 

Prior to the livestream, Baillie said, “We think this trailer will be a good introduction for players to the core concepts of such an innovative game as Dual Universe.” He continued, “We started this company with the goal of being community-centered. Whether it’s through our AMAs, our roadmap updates, or transparent communication with our players, we’re trying to accomplish that to stay true to our original vision for how we wanted our relationship with our community to be like.”

Players can buy pledge packs for Dual Universe, which range in price from $60 to $180. Buying a pledge pack will allow them to gain access to the game’s Alpha test and the eventual Beta test. The Beta launch will take place later in 2020. The final game will arrive in 2021. For more information on Dual Universe, visit the official website or subscribe to their Twitch channel

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