Gods Unchained Leaps into the Mainstream on Epic Games Store 1

In a massive leap towards mainstream gaming, Gods Unchained, one of the most established NFT card games, is now available on the Epic Games Store, a popular PC gaming marketplace with a whopping 230 million total users. Developed by Immutable Games Studio, the NFT-driven collectible card game aims to tap into a wider audience and coexist with other big-budget games on the marketplace, such as Fortnite.

Daniel Paez, Executive Producer of the game, emphasized the significance of this move. “The launch on the Epic Games Store not only opens up the NFT card game to potentially millions more players, but it also provides them a way to experience the game through a familiar interface,” Paez shared with Decrypt.

He elaborated, stating, “Players feel a lot more comfortable about the game they’re jumping into. Either it reaches a quality bar or it doesn’t contain malware—things like that. So that feeling of familiarity is super important, especially when we’re talking about blockchain games.”

The Epic Games Store version of Gods Unchained will essentially be the same as the version available through the game’s own website, with an emphasis on its Hearthstone-like gameplay and competition. Unlike some crypto-focused games, it won’t require players to immediately sign up for a wallet or handle crypto assets.

Since its initial launch in 2018, Gods Unchained has undergone substantial growth and expansion, with further developments on the horizon. As Paez noted, Gods Unchained is a “rare breed of a blockchain game” that has stood the test of time. Immutable’s future plans include launching new game modes and a “very large” expansion pack with new cards to mix up the available strategies. Expanding the lore around Gods Unchained is also in the pipeline.

In addition to this, Gods Unchained is set to hit mobile platforms. iOS and Android versions are currently in development at partner studio iLogos, with Paez sharing that an Android testing period earlier this year received positive feedback from players across more than 60,000 game sessions.

The push into mobile does come with its challenges, however. Immutable will bypass potential complications with tech giants Apple and Google by not including an in-game NFT marketplace in the mobile versions. The goal, Paez concedes, is to play within the rules of each platform to provide a more accessible way for users to get into Gods Unchained.

The game’s migration to the Epic Games Store is a clear indication of the growing integration of blockchain and traditional gaming. With Gods Unchained bridging the gap between the two, this shift could very well mark the dawn of a new era in the gaming industry, offering a unique, immersive experience for players of all kinds, whether they’re traditional PC gamers, TCG enthusiasts, or those intrigued by the possibilities of web3 gaming.

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