Free-to-Play MOBA SMITE now available on Epic Games Store

Free-to-Play MOBA SMITE now available on Epic Games Store

Free-to-Play MOBA SMITE is now available on the Epic Games Store. A free bundle of in-game content will be made available to players that link their Hi-Rez account to their Epic Games Store account.

The online battle arena game has over 40 million players worldwide, across console and PC. SMITE does a different take on the MOBA genre, with players engaging in third-person combat. The game allows players to step into the shoes of deity-inspired characters. They can engage in team-based combat, using their abilities and tactics against other players controlling gods and AI-controlled underlings. 

SMITE has released to the Epic Games Store with cross-play and cross-progression working between Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, with partial cross-play compatibility on the PlayStation 4. Both new and existing players that link their Hi-Rez account to the Epic Games Store will be able to claim a free bundle of in-game content worth $50. The SMITE Epic Starter bundle included five skins, five voice-packs, and 5 SMITE Gods. 

Two of Free-to-Play MOBA SMITE’s bundles will be discounted on the Epic Games Store until May 26, 2020. The Ultimate God Pack, which unlocks all current and future Gods, is 50% off and available for $14.99. The Digital Deluxe Edition is 20% off and available for $47.99. SMITE’s Digital Deluxe Edition unlocks both the 2020 Season Pass and the Ultimate God Pack. The latter bundle gives the player access to exclusive content for all of this 2020’s God releases, 1,000 Gems, and a limited edition skin.

Content Creators that are part of SMITE’s Affiliate Program, also have something to gain from the release of the game to the Epic Games Store. The Support-a-Creator program will highlight SMITE for two weeks, with revenue shared tripled for all purchases. Players will be able to support their favorite content creators by using their creator codes when purchasing SMITE bundles or Gems through the Epic Games Store.

SMITE can now be obtained through the Epic Games Store for free, along with the Epic Starter bundle. For more information on Free-to-Play MOBA SMITE, visit the Epic Game Store.

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