Cubers Arena to launch on console and PC

Cubers: Arena is on its way to the online stores of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Teyon, the Polish publisher and developer, and Tomasz Dziobek, the game developer, announced that they are preparing the game for release and that it is currently in the certification process.

The game is a hybrid of the arena brawler and twin-stick slasher genres. Players will take on the role of Baller, a slave who must fight his way through hordes of gladiators to win back his freedom. Cubers: Arena has four themed arenas, with distinctive enemies, atmospheric effects, boss fights, and destructible environments in campaign mode. Players are encouraged to try different weapon types, skills, upgrade items, socket gems, and various difficulty levels.

Players can choose from over 100 weapons, armor, and skills to fend off waves of enemies, such as a two-handed weapon, or a sword and shield. They can use gems gained from completing stages to increase the power of their items. The game uses a free-for-all friendly fire system, allowing traps and enemies to hurt everyone. Enemies can hurt each other, too, allowing for more complex tactical choices by the player. Players can also slash at enemies and move in all directions for a 360-degree combat experience.

Points may be gained by playing in campaign mode or taking on mini-games. There are multiplayer and solo mini-games, such as Defender, Time Attack, Dodgeball, Sparring, and more. According to the developer, players will gain twice the rewards for the first time completing a stage. Combos are the key to racking up an impressive score in the game. Players may compete with each other for top placement on the leaderboards.

Once the game clears the certification process, Cubers: Arena will be available on consoles and PC via Steam. For more information, visit the official Cubers: Arena website.

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