Chains of Hate DLC Out Now: Here's what the new Dead by Daylight update includes 1

Behaviour Interactive has launched the Dead by Daylight Chains of Hate DLC for its asymmetrical (4vs1) multiplayer horror game. This new update is available now on all platforms for $7.99.

The Chains of Hate DLC introduces a new killer, The Deadslinger, and his ability to reel in victims using his speargun. According to the Dead by Daylight site, The Deadslinger was once known as Caleb Quinn. Quinn was born in the American Midwest, on the edge of the frontier, where death, sickness, and famine were familiar sights. Young Caleb took to engineering and created plans for building delightful devices with a dark twist, such as masks that would rip eyes from their sockets for those who bullied him.

In a surprising turn of events, the boy who would eventually become known as The Deadslinger grew up and found himself in the nation’s first private prison, Hellshire Penitentiary. How did that happen? You might ask. Well, Quinn invented a gun that shot railroad spikes and a steam-powered tunneling drill. Caleb’s boss stole his patents and sold them to competitors. Quinn let his employer know he was unhappy by demonstrating the capabilities of the railroad spike gun on his boss’ midsection.

After making an unlikely friend in the prison warden, Caleb’s sentence would be commuted in exchange for helping the warden by filling the prison with outlaws brought into custody alive. It is essential to have the right tools for the task at hand. Logically, Caleb built a speargun as an answer to the question, “How do I bring the bad guys in alive?” Needless to say, the speargun was not initially good at this task and went through several iterations, earning Caleb the nickname, “The Deadslinger.”

Caleb Quinn lived happily ever after. Just kidding. After six years of collecting wanted outlaws with his posse, The Hellshire Gang, Caleb felt betrayed once again when his old boss bought the prison from the warden. Quinn exacted mighty vengeance upon them both. Caleb Quinn walked off into the distance. The Deadslinger, now equipped with the “tools” to dispose of any who had and would cross him.

If the tale of The Deadslinger wasn’t enough to grab you, the update also introduces Zarina Kassir. Players can take on the role of this daring filmmaker with the ability to be very quiet and manipulate sound. Zarina can instantly heal other survivors when she is full of health.

With the introduction of a new killer and survivor is a new map. The Chains of Hate DLC introduces a settlement on the brutal frontier called the Dead Dawg Saloon.

The Dead by Daylight Chains of Hate DLC is available now on all platforms for $7.99. For more lore and purchase information, visit the official website.

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