BattleBit Remastered: The Underdog FPS that Topped Steam’s Charts 1

For years, the world of first-person shooter (FPS) games has been dominated by titans such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Counter-Strike. However, a new entrant, BattleBit Remastered, has suddenly taken the gaming community by storm. Released in early access by a four-person team, BattleBit Remastered has quickly become the top-selling game on Steam, surpassing heavyweight competitors and offering a unique gaming experience to an ever-growing audience.

Developed by OkiGames, BattleBit Remastered emerged from a seven-year journey, during which it was meticulously crafted to offer an experience that looks like Roblox but plays like Battlefield. Despite the immense competition from high-profile FPS games, BattleBit Remastered’s unique qualities and appealing price of just $15 has resonated with the gaming community, propelling it to the coveted top spot on Steam’s top seller list – a rank determined by revenue, not copies sold.

BattleBit Remastered might appear deceptively simple due to its low-poly aesthetics, but beneath the surface, it offers an immersive and deep FPS experience. With the ability to support up to 254 players, it presents a scale of warfare that outstrips many of its competitors. The game also combines the vehicular warfare and environmental destruction typical of a modern Battlefield game with strategic elements from Squad such as buildable defensive structures, medic class exclusive healing, and proximity chat.

Its gameplay is a blend of fast-paced action and strategic decision-making, making it accessible for newcomers but also offering depth for seasoned players. The game also offers a smooth performance with snappy movement, responsive shooting, and expansive maps that provide ample room for strategic flanking maneuvers, even with hundreds of players in the game.

A standout feature of BattleBit Remastered is its low system requirements, making the game accessible to a wider audience. Its low-poly graphical style, according to BattleBit product manager Twelve, is a strategic choice that allows the game to maintain its large scale without demanding high-end hardware from its players. This low barrier to entry, coupled with a compelling gameplay experience, positions BattleBit Remastered for long-term success.

The developers’ dedication and innovative approach have quickly attracted a vibrant community, drawing in content creators and gamers alike, who praise the game’s fun factor and strategic depth. To date, BattleBit Remastered has achieved a peak player count of over 31,000 players and holds an ‘very positive’ rating on Steam, with over 2,900 reviews, indicating a successful and stable launch.

Furthermore, despite its modest price, the developers have assured fans that they have no plans to implement microtransactions, further solidifying the game’s player-first approach.

BattleBit Remastered’s rapid rise to the top of Steam’s sales chart is a testament to its quality and the dedication of its developers. It serves as a beacon of hope for indie developers striving to make their mark in the highly competitive world of FPS games. By combining accessible gameplay, a high degree of depth, and a low price point, BattleBit Remastered offers a unique gaming experience that is captivating gamers around the world.

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