Axie Infinity Land Delegation

In a thrilling update for the Axie Infinity community, Sky Mavis has announced the much-awaited introduction of “Land Delegation” to Axie Infinity: Homeland. This new dynamic now allows landowners to delegate their unstaked plots to stewards, a feature that not only creates more gameplay opportunities but also augments the accessibility of the game.

From today, landowners can delegate their land plots to stewards who will then have the opportunity to actively participate in the Axie Infinity: Homeland game. Rewards for gameplay, such as leaderboard earnings, are directly credited to the landowner’s Ronin wallet. However, it’s worth noting that only unstaked land plots can be delegated at this stage. This innovative feature is a significant stride towards the culmination of the game’s Alpha phase and the introduction of new AXS gameplay loops within Homeland.

A key detail of this new feature is that landowners can set a delegation period ranging between 1 and 365 days. Owners with multiple plots can opt to delegate each of their lands to one or more stewards, providing a plethora of possibilities for the gaming community.

While the rewards from gameplay will be credited to the landowner’s Ronin wallet, stewards are encouraged to work out individual agreements with the owners regarding the division of rewards. This opens a dialogue for creating personalized arrangements that benefit both parties. Furthermore, landowners have the option to revoke their lands anytime after 24 hours have passed from their initial delegation.

Axie Infinity Announces Land Delegation Feature 1

The process of land delegation is currently manual. Landowners must select the plot they wish to delegate and input the steward’s address. The system then sets the expiration date to complete the delegation transaction. It’s important to stress that there is no official rental market in place, making it crucial for stewards and landowners to negotiate their terms independently.

While this newly introduced feature may seem to have its limitations, it certainly marks a step towards creating a more inclusive Axie ecosystem. “Land Delegation” allows more players to delve into Axie Infinity: Homeland, regardless of land ownership. It also accommodates landowners who may not have the time or energy to manage their plots, thus driving more vibrant participation within the community.

Axie Infinity Announces Land Delegation Feature 2

Axie Infinity: Homeland is a gaming experience that pushes the boundaries of player interaction and reward. Players must manage a settlement efficiently, growing crops, constructing buildings, crafting gear, trading, and competing to earn in-game rewards. The introduction of the “Land Delegation” feature underscores the inclusive spirit of the game, fostering an even more vibrant and diverse gaming community.

As we await further developments and gameplay enhancements, the introduction of “Land Delegation” promises to revitalize the Axie Infinity: Homeland experience. Players and landowners interested in delegation are advised to connect on the Axie Discord server to find potential partners.

For more information about this exciting new feature and the game itself, check out the official Axie Infinity website, Twitter, and join their Discord. Stay tuned for more updates and game on!

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