Zelda player turns heads with hilarious 18-wheeled monstrosity 1

A player’s innovation is turning heads in the community of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with their construction of an ingenious 18-wheeled makeshift motorcycle, adding a whole new level of excitement to the game’s massive world.

In a game renowned for its creative possibilities, players have been crafting awe-inspiring vehicles to traverse the expansive environments of Tears of the Kingdom, spanning islands in the sky, the legendary Hyrule, and the mysterious Depths. Zelda enthusiasts are no strangers to extraordinary in-game builds, from cars and planes to more outlandish creations like hovercrafts and air bikes. However, an inventive player known as ‘oohslaghe’ has now set the community abuzz with their 18-wheeled contraption.

Sharing their creation in a video clip, ‘oohslaghe’ unveiled their motorized marvel by first portraying Link riding what appeared to be an ordinary bike, then surprising viewers with the bird’s eye view of the fully extended 18-wheel monstrosity. Despite its seemingly impractical design, the bike stands as a testament to the player’s creativity, as well as the game’s potential for entertaining and unusual gameplay experiences.

The secret to keeping this bike upright lies in the game’s Zonai device known as the stabilizer, which maintains its position and can lift other objects as it tips upward. This mechanism, combined with a steering stick, forms the basis of ‘oohslaghe’s’ build, and allows for the attachment of the full 18 wheels. Players aspiring to recreate this feat should note, however, that only 21 objects can be fused together at a time, ruling out any attempts at constructing a 40-wheeler.

When it comes to the practicality of this 18-wheeled bike, ‘oohslaghe’ acknowledged in a comment that the vehicle struggles with turns, only managing about a 5-degree turn after a few seconds of holding the control stick in one direction. This limitation confines the bike’s use to wide open areas, implying its primary function: to dazzle and amuse rather than serve as an efficient mode of transport.

Despite its lack of maneuverability, this unique 18-wheeled bike has undoubtedly brought a wave of amusement to the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom community.

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