What are the Damage Icons in UFC 5?

What are the Damage Icons in UFC 5? 1

UFC 5 brings a whole new level of realism and strategy to the virtual octagon, with its revamped damage system and the introduction of various damage icons. These icons play a crucial role in helping players understand the dynamics of the fight, the impact of their moves, and the condition of the fighters.

With the Real Impact System, injuries now have a more pronounced effect on performance, making it essential for players to grasp the meaning behind each icon.

In this guide, we will delve into the damage icons, explaining their significance and how they influence the fight.

What are the Damage Icons in UFC 5? 2

How to Interpret Damage Icons in UFC 5

Damage icons in UFC 5 represent a variety of injuries, health events, and the impact of submissions. These icons are displayed in the Health and Stamina HUD, providing real-time feedback on the fighters’ condition.

Vision Penalty

What are the Damage Icons in UFC 5? 3

This icon appears when a fighter sustains facial injuries to the brow, forehead, or eye area. It indicates an increased damage intake on the affected side, urging players to protect these vulnerable areas. The penalty stacks with further damage but is lifted after 30 seconds of no damage or at the start of a new round.

Breathing Penalty

What are the Damage Icons in UFC 5? 4

Displayed when the nose or mouth is injured, this icon signifies a decrease in stamina recovery. Like the Vision Penalty, it can stack and is removed after a damage-free period or at the round’s beginning.

Cut Injury (Doctor Stoppage Icon)

What are the Damage Icons in UFC 5? 5

This icon is crucial as it represents the risk of the fight being stopped due to facial injuries. The more intense the red color of the icon, the closer a doctor is to intervening. Note that mouth injuries do not contribute to this risk.

Stun Icons

What are the Damage Icons in UFC 5? 6

These icons appear when a fighter is stunned, with specific icons for head, body, and leg stuns. Recognizing these can give players a strategic advantage, signaling moments to press the attack or defend.

Health Icons

What are the Damage Icons in UFC 5? 7

These icons provide insight into long-term damage. The Heart Icon signals a loss in max stamina due to a deep choke, the Arm Health Icon indicates a reduction in max block health from a deep arm submission, and the Leg Health Icon shows permanent leg health loss from deep leg locks.

By understanding and paying attention to these damage icons, players can make more informed decisions, protect their fighters, and capitalize on their opponents’ vulnerabilities.

UFC 5’s damage system adds depth and realism to the gameplay, and mastering it is key to dominating the octagon.

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