Until Dawn to get 'enhanced' PS5 & PC version in 2024 1

PlayStation 5 and PC gamers will soon get an “enhanced” version of Until Dawn in 2024.

Video game developer Ballistic announced during the first Sony State of Play for 2024 that it will soon release an improved version of Until Dawn for the PC and PS5. Although the developer didn’t reveal any info about what’s to come, its creative director, Neil McEwan, did. 

According to McEwan’s PlayStation Blog post, Ballistic Moon rebuilt Until Dawn in Unreal Engine 5 and gave it “enhancements across the board.” For instance, the team behind the game not only used Unreal Engine 5 to rebuild it, but it also used the latest tools and techniques. These resulted in new and improved animations that supposedly “build on the success of the original character performances.

The game’s enhanced version will also feature “upgraded” characters, environments, and VFX for more frightful scares. Ballistic Moon added a few new features gamers may expect and appreciate in this improved version. The addition of a third-person camera, a broader cinematic tonal color palette, and new perspectives aim to provide the chance to experience the game’s “unexplored emotional parts.”

McEwan’s post also stated that the enhanced version will feature a new score from legendary horror composer Mark Korven, but they didn’t clarify if this enhanced version is the rumored remastered version gamers have been talking about in the past few years. Fans may recall that Supermassive Games was presumably announcing a Until Dawn remaster during the recent Sony State of Play.

Either way, if McEwan’s post is anything to go by, then this enhanced version of Until Dawn could be the remaster fans have been waiting a whole decade. However, only time can tell if it can deliver the same or better frights than the original.

With Ballistic Moon presumably in the late stages of Until Dawn’s development, McEwan mentioned that the developer would release more information about the game later this year, possibly months before its release. Interestingly, they also stated that fans should look out for Until Dawn’s film adaptation soon, which David F. Sandberg will direct and has Gary Dauberman and Blair Butler as its screenplay writers.

Until Dawn is an interactive drama survival horror adventure game originally released by Supermassive Games in 2015. It tells the story of a group of friends as they uncover the aftermath of a tragic incident and try to navigate their way to surviving a night full of unspeakable terrors. 

The game heavily features a butterfly effect system that can influence characters’ fates – one character’s actions might affect another later. As these characters unravel the mystery haunting them, the player’s decisions and even dumb luck could dictate if any of them lives or dies along the way. 

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