UFC 5: How to Use Struggle Mechanic

UFC 5: How to Use Struggle Mechanic 1

UFC 5 introduces a new layer to its grappling game with the struggle mechanic in submissions, providing players with more control and strategic options during submission battles. This guide will help you understand and master this new feature to enhance your performance in the octagon.

What is the Struggle Mechanic?

The struggle mechanic is activated by holding R1 on PlayStation or RB on Xbox when you are in a submission setup position. It drains both your and your opponent’s stamina, mimicking the real-life struggle for hand positioning in submission battles. Both the attacker and defender in a submission can use this mechanic.

Strategies for Using the Struggle Mechanic

1. Amplify a Stamina Advantage

  • If you already have a slight stamina advantage, use the struggle mechanic to drain your opponent’s stamina further. Since their stamina is lower than yours, they will hit zero first, making it impossible for them to deny your transition to finish the submission.
  • Example: Gain a small stamina advantage by denying a transition, then use the struggle mechanic to create a significant advantage.

2. Break Stalemates

  • Sometimes, opponents may not move in a submission setup position, conserving their stamina. Use the struggle mechanic to force them into action, creating opportunities to deny transitions and progress the submission.
  • This strategy can also be used when defending a submission to force the attacker to make a move.

3. Mask Your Transitions

  • The struggle mechanic involves a subtle animation of both fighters moving, which can be used to confuse your opponent and hide your next move.
  • Tap R1/RB intermittently to start the animation and make it harder for your opponent to predict and deny your transitions.

4. Transition While Struggling

  • You can deny transitions while holding the struggle button, allowing you to maintain pressure while also defending against your opponent’s movements.

Tips for Success

  • Practice using the struggle mechanic in different scenarios to understand how it affects stamina and transitions.
  • Use the struggle mechanic strategically, considering your current stamina and your opponent’s tendencies.
  • Remember that the struggle mechanic can be used both offensively and defensively, providing you with more options during submission battles.

By mastering the struggle mechanic in UFC 5, you’ll add a valuable tool to your grappling arsenal, allowing you to control submissions more effectively and outmaneuver your opponents on the ground.

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