UFC 5: How to Dominate the Clinch 1

UFC 5 has revamped its clinch mechanics, providing players with a more immersive and strategic grappling experience. This guide will walk you through the basics of the clinch game, helping you to dominate your opponents in close quarters.

Getting into the Clinch and Basic Strikes

1. Initiating the Clinch

  • To enter the basic single collar clinch, press Square and X simultaneously in Orthodox stance, or Triangle and Circle in Southpaw stance. Ensure you are at close range for this to work.
  • To exit the clinch, use the left stick to walk away from your opponent.

2. Basic Strikes in the Clinch

  • Throw uppercuts using Square or Triangle.
  • For hooks, hold L1 while pressing Square or Triangle.
  • Execute knees with X or Circle, and target the body by holding L2.
  • For elbows, hold L1 and press Square and X together.

Transitioning to Different Clinch Positions

1. Tie Clinch

  • From the single collar clinch, throw any knee to transition to the tie clinch. To return to the single collar clinch, throw any punch.

2. Over Under Clinch

  • Initiate a double leg takedown (L2 + Triangle and Circle in Orthodox, L2 + Square and X in Southpaw), and quickly press R2 to cancel, leaving you in the over-under clinch.

3. Back Clinch

  • From the over-under clinch, start a double leg takedown but move the left stick forward briefly during the animation.

4. Cage Clinch

  • In any clinch position, use the left stick to walk your opponent into the cage.

Takedowns and Trips from the Clinch

  • Perform regular single and double leg takedowns using L2 + Square and X for a single leg, or L2 + Triangle and Circle for a double leg. Holding the takedown buttons performs a power variant.
  • Trips and throws can be executed by holding R1 and pressing Circle or X. These moves depend on your clinch position and can lead to more dominant positions on the ground.

Defending in the Clinch

  • To defend against takedowns and trips, hold R2 (RT on Xbox).
  • To exit the clinch, use the left stick to walk away from your opponent.

By mastering these clinch mechanics, you’ll be able to control the fight in close quarters, set up devastating strikes, and execute takedowns to dominate your opponents in UFC 5.

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