UFC 5: Best Counters and Head Movement Tips 1

UFC 5 brings a fresh and immersive fighting experience, and mastering the art of counters and head movement is crucial for any player aiming to dominate in the octagon. This guide will provide you with essential tips and strategies to set up counters effectively and use head movement to your advantage.

How to Set Up Slip Straight Counters and Pull Counters

1. Slip Straight Counter

  • Execution: Block the first jab, then slightly flick the right stick down and quickly press Square (for Southpaw stance) or Triangle (for Orthodox stance).
  • Tips: Be patient and read your opponent’s patterns. Look out for the jab-straight combination, as it’s a common way for players to close the distance.

2. Pull Counter

  • Execution: Block the first punch (usually a jab or hook), then hold R2 (to block) and flick the right stick back to perform a major pull. Quickly follow up with a hook for maximum damage.
  • Tips: Pay attention to your opponent’s patterns. If they like to throw jab-hook or hook-uppercut combinations, you can anticipate and set up a pull counter. Remember to perform a major pull due to the game’s tracking mechanics.

3. Duck Straight Counter (Use with Caution)

  • Execution: If your opponent throws a jab-straight combination, you can duck the straight and counter. However, be cautious as ducking into an uppercut can result in a knockout.

Head Movement Tips for Survival

  • When Rocked: If you get stunned, hold down your block and use head movement to evade further damage. Be tactical and observe your opponent’s patterns to decide whether to slip, pull, or duck.
  • Avoid Bobblehead Spamming: Don’t resort to spamming head movement. Be precise and use it tactically to evade specific strikes.

Countering Block Breakers

  • Pattern Recognition: Block breakers often follow a pattern. If they break your block with straights, they’ll likely follow up with hooks, and vice versa. Recognize these patterns to set up effective counters.
  • Pull Counters: When anticipating a hook, set up a pull counter for maximum effectiveness.

Attacking the Body

  • Setting Up Pull Counters: When attacking your opponent’s body, be prepared for them to retaliate with uppercuts or hooks. Instead of slipping, which can be risky, use pull counters to evade both uppercuts and hooks effectively.

By mastering these techniques and understanding when to use them, you’ll be able to outsmart your opponents and control the fight in UFC 5. Remember, practice makes perfect, and the more you use these strategies, the more natural they will become.

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