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UFC 5 has brought a plethora of striking options to the table, and mastering the art of boxing is crucial for any player looking to dominate in the octagon. This guide will walk you through some of the best boxing combinations that can give you the upper hand in your fights.

Devastating Boxing Combinations in UFC 5

Boxing combinations in UFC 5 are all about timing, precision, and understanding your opponent’s movements. Here’s a detailed guide on how to execute some of the most effective combos:

Jab-Hook Combo

  • PlayStation: Square, then L1 + square
  • Xbox: X, then LB + X

One of the most simple of boxing combinations in UFC 5 is the lead jab followed by a lead hook. Use this combo to catch your opponent off guard. Remember to set it up with single jabs, and don’t spam it, as your opponent might catch on and counter.

Jab-Straight-Hook Combo

  • PlayStation: Square, then triangle, then L1 + square
  • Xbox: X, then X, then LB + X

The lead jab, straight, lead hook combination is great for catching opponents who pull back after your jab. The straight will catch them as they pull back, and the lead hook will follow through for additional damage.

Pull Counter to Body-Head Combo

  • Execution: Pull (R2 + Right Stick Down) to avoid an incoming jab-hook, followed by a Rear Body Hook (L2 + Square), Lead Hook (L1 + Square), and another Rear Body Hook (L2 + Square).
  • Usage: Perfect for countering opponents who spam the jab-hook combo. This combo allows you to attack the body and then go high to catch them off guard.

High-Low-High Combo

  • Execution: Rear Uppercut (L1 + Triangle), Lead Body Hook (L2 + Square), and Rear Hook (Circle).
  • Usage: Use this combo to mix up your attack levels, going high, then low, and then high again. This confuses your opponent and opens them up for more damage.

Entry Combo

  • Execution: Lead Body Jab (L2 + Triangle), Lead Hook (L1 + Square), and Rear Body Hook (L2 + Circle).
  • Usage: A quick combo to get in, do damage, and get out. Make sure to move forward as you throw the lead body jab and lead hook, and then plant your feet for the rear body hook.

Block Breaker Combo

  • Execution: Double Lead Hook (L1 + Square x2), Slip Right (R2 + Right Stick Right), Lead Uppercut (L1 + Triangle), and Overhand (L1 + Square).
  • Usage: Use this combo when your opponent is hurt. The double lead hooks will break their block, and the slip right will avoid their counter, setting them up for the devastating uppercut-overhand combo.

Tips for Success

  • Always set up your combos with jabs and movement. Don’t be predictable.
  • Pay attention to your opponent’s patterns and adapt your combos accordingly.
  • Practice these combos in practice mode before taking them into a real fight.

By incorporating these boxing combinations into your gameplay, you’ll be able to outstrike your opponents and control the stand-up game in UFC 5. Remember, practice makes perfect, and the more you use these combos, the more natural they will become.

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