Top UFC 5 player exposes game’s flawed ground combat system

Top UFC 5 player exposes game's flawed ground combat system 1

The ground combat system in UFC 5 is facing major criticism as top players start to expose its flaws. According to a player ranked in the top 100, the game is far from perfect, with a ground game that is described as “broken.”

This player highlights the issues with inescapable top mount and side control positions, as well as undeniable submissions, calling UFC 5 a “grapple cheeser’s paradise.” The developers’ attempt to balance the gameplay seems to have fallen short, as players find themselves stuck in frustrating positions with no way out.

Other gamers in the community are echoing these sentiments. Some agree that side control has become too easy to maintain, making the ground game feel unbalanced. Even the highest-ranked players are finding it impossible to escape from these positions, indicating a significant issue with the game’s mechanics.

Players are also pointing out that mount and side control positions are overpowered. They share experiences of opponents quitting or giving up on trying to transition out of these positions after a while. Despite the developers’ claims of a balanced ground game, players find it easier than ever to spam ground and pound while waiting for transition denials.

The community is calling for realism, stating that it should not be possible to maintain control and deliver punches simultaneously. The overpowered nature of submissions is another point of contention, with players able to hold opponents in submissions while also dealing damage, requiring the defending player to manage only a few transitions.

Top players are sharing their struggles with escaping top mount, dealing with spammers, and the inconsistency in the portrayal of damage on fighters’ faces. The rarity of doctor stoppages is also mentioned, adding to the list of issues that players hope to see addressed.

They hope to see a more balanced and realistic grappling experience in future updates, which would enhance the overall enjoyment of the game.

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