The Day Before

The highly anticipated game “The Day Before” has been removed from Steam just days after its release, following a wave of overwhelmingly negative reviews. This comes shortly after the game’s developer, Fntastic, announced its sudden shutdown.

The game, initially marketed as an MMO Zombie Survival, was criticized for its shift to a poorly executed extraction shooter, with many promised features missing at launch.

Popular content creators, among countless players, shed light on the situation. “There’s no dynamic weather, no immersive radio announcements, no proximity chat, no VoIP, no physics simulations… and the list goes on,” LtBuzzLitebeer detailed in a YouTube video.

This stark contrast between expectation and reality fueled the backlash against Fntastic.

The developer’s statement, posted to X (formerly Twitter), revealed the depth of their crisis: “The Day Before had failed financially, and we lack the funds to continue. All income received is being used to pay off debts to our partners.” They admitted to underestimating the challenges of game development, despite their five-year effort.

Further controversy arose around the game’s development process. One community member pointed out that much of the game was built using pre-built Unreal Engine 5 assets, with the total cost estimated under $5,000 USD. This led to accusations of the game being a mere “asset flip” without a solid gameplay foundation.

The future of “The Day Before” and another Fntastic title, “Propnight,” remains uncertain, though servers are currently operational. The developer’s closure and the game’s removal from Steam mark a significant downfall for what was once a highly anticipated release.

As the gaming community processes this unexpected development, it’s a stark reminder of the volatile nature of the gaming industry. Sometimes, the hype train derails before it even reaches the station.

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