The Big Walk trailer unveiled at The Game Awards 2023 1

“The Big Walk,” a cooperative multiplayer adventure game, was unveiled at The Game Awards 2023 by the acclaimed Melbourne-based developer House House, known for their unique and engaging titles such as “Push Me Pull You” (2016) and the hit “Untitled Goose Game” (2019).

Set to release in 2025 on PC, “Big Walk” promises an inventive and interactive experience where players can explore, solve puzzles, and face challenges with friends in a vast open world.

The game is a notable departure from House House’s previous work, emphasizing cooperative gameplay and communication. In “Big Walk,” players will journey through diverse landscapes, requiring teamwork and various communication tools to navigate and interact with the environment.

The game’s focus on cooperative play and innovative communication mechanics offers a fresh approach to multiplayer adventures.

The Big Walk trailer unveiled at The Game Awards 2023 2

One of the most intriguing aspects of “Big Walk” is its emphasis on the social experience of playing with friends. Whether it’s sitting back to enjoy a virtual sunset or engaging in playful antics like stealing a friend’s binoculars, the game encourages players to enjoy the simple pleasures of companionship in a digital space. This blend of exploration and social interaction is what sets “Big Walk” apart, promising a unique gaming experience.

House House’s reputation for creating engaging, humorous, and unconventional games raises expectations for “Big Walk.” Their approach to game design, focusing on originality and player-friendly experiences, has earned them a dedicated following.

With “Big Walk,” House House continues their tradition of delivering innovative and entertaining games, making it one of the most anticipated releases for 2025. The gaming community eagerly awaits more details and gameplay footage as the development progresses.

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