Tears of Themis: Gourmet Gastronomy Limited-Time Event Details 1

A new limited-time event in Tears of Themis is coming! Find out more details about Gourmet Gastronomy.

The event will occur from February 5, 2024, 11:00 until February 12, 2024, 04:00 (UTC+9).

Event Details

Amid the brilliance and ceaseless rhythm of life, let us savor these moments together, combining gastronomic delights with the celebration of another year.

  • Complete the limited-time tasks in Tasks > Event to get Rabbit Pudding, S-Chips, and more.
  • Use Rabbit Pudding to flip random cells for all-new Gourmet Gastronomy MR cards: Luke “Mouth-Watering,” Artem “Smooth as Pearls,” Vyn “Delectable,” and Marius “Seeking Sweetness.”
  • Complete the “Flip 100 cells in Gourmet Gastronomy event” task to get the event Commemorative Namecard, “Celebration – Gastronomy.”
  • Receive Rabbit Pudding ×100 via in-game mail at the start of the event.

Event Rules

1. During the event, you can play up to 4 rounds in total. Select 1 MR card before each round as your final prize. You cannot change your selection once it is made.

2. During the event, use Rabbit Pudding ×100 to flip over a cell. If you do not have enough Rabbit Pudding, you can use S-Chips to exchange for more at a conversion rate of 1:1.

3. Each time you flip over a cell, you’ll receive Stellin. Cells that have already been flipped over will not be repeated. When there are 5 open cells in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, you will receive S-Chips, Stellin, and other rewards.

4. When all cells have been flipped over, you will receive the MR card reward for the current round. You can then select the MR card reward for your next round and play again until you have played a total of 4 rounds.

Note: Unused Rabbit Pudding acquired from the event will be converted into Stellin at the rate of 1:100. MR card upgrade items can be obtained by exchanging Gift I in the Mall’s Exchange Shop.

Watch the Gourmet Gastronomy event trailer while you wait until it goes live!

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