Suicide Squad post-launch leaks tease major plot spoilers and character returns 1

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (SS:KTJL) might bring back the heroes the Suicide Squad killed at a later time.

A post from @Visceralburner1 on Twitter mentioned that Green Lantern and The Flash would allegedly return and fight against Brainiac. If the video accompanying their post is to be believed, it would seem both superheroes will reportedly switch teams on post-launch content.

This leak may add credibility to an earlier leak that The Flash will return and fight against Brainiac in post-launch content. According to a video @anticlickbaiter posted on Twitter, Brainiac allegedly resurrected Flash following his death in-game. 

However, the resurrection process “did a number on his nervous system,” requiring him to recover somewhere. Unfortunately, Rocksteady, SS:KTJL’s developer, had Twitter take down the video on Visceralburner1’s post. 

However, the fact the developer had it taken down suggests that the leaked video is true, which could be good news for fans of the Justice League. SS:KTJL is a game, that not many gamers and critics currently like due to how poorly Rocksteady handled Batman’s death and the game as a whole.

Various gaming websites such as IGNGames Radar, and TheGamer gave the game a lukewarm rating for its repetitive gameplay, shallow story, and meaningless upgrades.

Gamers who played it said that while there is some fun to be had in the game, it shouldn’t have been connected to the Arkham games – killing the Batman of those games is something they couldn’t stomach. 

However, the rumored return of Green Lantern and The Flash could mean that Superman and Batman can return free of Brainiac’s control and fight against him. It’s unknown if Wonder Woman will also return as she was the sole Justice League member not under Brainiac’s control in-game.

It’s worth noting that while Kevin Conroy’s passing could affect Batman’s possible return in-game, he already finished recording his lines as the Dark Knight before his passing in 2023. As such, there is a possibility that Batman – and Conroy’s voice – could return to the game later down the road. 

Whether this rumored return can calm fans of Batman and the Arkham games down following the Dark Knight’s death is something only time can tell. Fans may recall that the Batman featured in SS:KTJL is the same one from the Arkham Games, making people more invested in the fate of this version of the Caped Crusader.

Unfortunately, SS:KTJL left the fates of the Bat Family (Robin, Nightwing, Oracle, and the Red Hood) completely ambiguous. Players could know more about their fates in future content for the game, especially once Batman is back in humanity’s corner. 

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