Street Fighter 6 DLC character Ed finally gets release date 1

Capcom has announced when it is releasing Street Fighter 6’s latest character, Ed. 

Street Fighter 6 game director Takayuki Nakayama revealed that Ed will be available as DLC for Street Fighter 6 on February 27, per PlayStation Blog. Being the initial inspiration for Street Fighter 6’s modern controls, fans can expect Ed to retain his simplified controls, while some of his classic controls will have expanded inputs.

For example, Ed now has quarter-circle and dragon-punch inputs for his special moves in his classic controls. Takayama also stated that all of Ed’s attacks are now punches to respect his background as a traditional boxer. That doesn’t mean his kick buttons are useless – Capcom designed them to be used for various flicker attacks. 

Street Fighter 6 players can also find this design on Ed himself – they can see his footwork thanks to how Capcom designed Ed’s lower half. Meanwhile, Capcom added some volume to Ed’s upper body to make his punches look impactful. 

Street Fighter fans familiar with Ed will find some of his moves similar to when he first debuted in Street Fighter 5. Imbued with Psycho Power, Ed’s new and improved Psycho Flicker allows him to perform a quick flicker jab from a distance that can catch his opponent off-guard. 

Using Ed’s new Psycho Flicker is important for players choosing him – it is vital to Ed’s – and the player’s – ability to control the fighting space. Interestingly, some of Ed’s moves from Street Fighter 5 will also make a return – holding down the button for Psycho Flicker will let him perform his Psycho Snatcher, allowing him to pull opponents in with psycho-powered tendrils. 

Ed’s Psycho Cannon is also returning as his Level 2 Super Art, allowing him to generate a multi-hitting ball of psycho power that moves forward. These aren’t Ed’s only knockout moves, though – opponents should also watch out for his Psycho Blitz, which has Ed rain down a series of Psycho-imbued punches.

Meanwhile, his Level 1 Super Art, Psycho Storm, has Ed strike his opponents with a series of high-speed flicker jabs. His Level 3 Super Art, Psycho Chamber, lets Ed pummel their opponents, turning them into his personal punching bag (literally). 

Street Fighter 6 DLC character Ed finally gets release date 2
Photo Credit: Capcom

Capcom will also release a new stage called Ruined Lab along with Ed. Fans would recognize this stage as Shadaloo’s laboratory – or what’s left of it. Year 1 Ultimate Pass owners will immediately get Ed and the Ruined Lab stage on February 27. Street Fighter 6 players with the Year 1 Character Pass, Deluxe Edition, or Ultimate Edition can get Ed on February 27 as well.

Street Fighter 6 players can have their avatars learn Ed’s Psycho-powered moves in World Tour on the subway fighting the Mad Gear Gang. Additionally, they can now get the limited-time “Ed Arrives!” Fighting Pass to collect as much boxing equipment for themselves while they wait for Ed’s release. 

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