Solo Leveling: Arise reaches major pre-registration milestone in just days


In a remarkable show of anticipation, Solo Leveling: Arise has reached a record number of pre-registrations in less than a week.

Adapting from the hugely popular webtoon and novel, Solo Leveling: Arise is set to bring the thrilling world of hunters and magical beasts to the screens of PC and mobile gamers. Developed by Netmarble Neo and published by Netmarble Corp, this action RPG game is already creating waves even before its official release in 2024.

With pre-registration for the game open, the rewards are as enticing as the game itself. Players who sign up in advance are promised bonuses designed to kickstart their journey in the game. Among these is the exclusive Chic Black Suit Costume for Sung Jinwoo, a central character in Solo Leveling, alongside two Mana Power Crystals for each attribute.

Not stopping there, pre-registered gamers will also receive Legendary Artifact Sets and a substantial 100,000 Gold. An additional bonus includes acquiring Hunter Yoo Jinho, Jinwoo’s partner and fellow hunter, for those who register using their email.

The news that Solo Leveling: Arise has surpassed 5 million pre-registrations in less than a week by Solo Leveling: Arise X account is a testament to the game’s eagerly awaited arrival and the dedicated fan base of the original Solo Leveling series. This milestone highlights the game’s potential success and the enduring popularity of its source material.

Solo Leveling: Arise promises an immersive experience, diving deep into the action-packed world where hunters like Sung Jinwoo and Cha Hae-In battle against formidable magical beasts. The game’s development team at Netmarble Neo aims to bring the intricate details of the Solo Leveling universe to life, ensuring both fans of the series and newcomers can experience the excitement and challenges of being a hunter.

What makes Solo Leveling: Arise stand out, aside from its rich storyline and character roster, is the way it seamlessly integrates action and RPG elements, offering players a dynamic gameplay experience on both PC and mobile platforms. With the official launch on the horizon, the game is set to deliver on high expectations, fueled by the successful pre-registration milestone.

This significant achievement signals a strong start for Solo Leveling: Arise, indicating it could be one of the most anticipated game releases in 2024.

As the countdown to the official launch continues, the excitement only grows. Remember to pre-register to get the rewards to kickstart your game when you start playing Solo Leveling: Arise.

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