Pokemon Go Players Demand Rework of Stale Shadow Raids 1

Pokémon Go players are expressing their frustration with Shadow Raids, claiming that the feature has become repetitive and uninteresting. The community is urging Niantic to revamp the Raid Battles, particularly focusing on the issues surrounding Shadow Articuno and the mechanics of purification gems.

  • Shadow Raids, once exciting with the release of Shadow Mewtwo and Shadow Articuno, have become stale, with players demanding a rework.
  • Shadow Articuno’s constant presence in tier-five raids has become a burden, preventing more engaging raids.
  • Lower-tier Shadow Raids lack appeal, and purification gems are criticized as a “terrible mechanic.”
  • Players propose changes, including more variety in tier-five raids, different time slots, and adjustments to purification gems.

The community’s dissatisfaction with Shadow Raids has been growing, with players taking to Reddit to voice their concerns. While initially engaging with the introduction of Shadow Mewtwo and Shadow Articuno, the feature has lost its appeal. Shadow Articuno’s continuous presence in tier-five raids every weekend has become monotonous, and lower-tier Shadow Raids are criticized for lacking compelling Pokémon.

Purification gems, a mechanic within the raids, have also come under fire. Players argue that the current limit of 10 should be reduced to five or allow players to carry more than four into a Shadow Raid. One player stated, “Five gems need to be the threshold for calming the shadow down. It is too strong of a ‘you’re screwed if you play by the rules’ mechanic when you can’t solo a T3.”

This is not the first time Shadow Raids have faced criticism. Earlier issues included bugs in Shadow Mewtwo raids and struggles to complete Shadow Articuno raids due to low participation.

Players are proposing changes for the next season, including more variety in tier-five raids, different time slots, and accessibility via Remote Raid Passes. Niantic has assured players that they are listening to feedback, but the community is eager for prompt action.

The call for a rework of Shadow Raids reflects the players’ desire for renewed excitement and variety in Pokémon Go. As the game continues to evolve, the community’s feedback will likely play a crucial role in shaping future updates and features.

Pokémon Go is available on Android and iOS devices.

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