Paralives fans rally for inclusivity additions in game unlike “soulless” Sims 4


Paralives fans wish to have inclusive items included in the game, unlike in “soulless” Sims 4.

Paralives is an upcoming life simulation game being developed by Paralives Studio, an independent team. The game has garnered attention as it offers a fresh take on the genre, which is dominated by “The Sims” series. The game has been in development since 2019, and its release date is yet to be announced.

The development team receives funding through Patreon, where they get suggestions and requests from their community. They also constantly communicate with players on platforms such as X. According to Alex Massé, the team lead, they have a document that holds the suggestions called the “Parabook.”

The game aims to give its players freedom in many aspects, from designing their homes to living in the open world and, of course, creating their “parafolks” (the characters). With the dev team’s attention to suggestions, many have expressed their wish for inclusive items like wheelchairs.

In the crosspost, it included things that the developers of life simulations may need to keep in mind. It’s better to adapt things for inclusivity while it’s still in development since they’d have to consider how items like wheelchairs would interact with the environment, such as needing ramps. Other than that, wheelchairs can be used in hospitals as well.

According to another user, if the development team implements wheelchairs later, they may want to give it some thought due to the item’s interaction with the world.

They provided an example in the Sims 4, where pre-built lots have upstairs bathrooms, making it difficult for the game to release wheelchairs. They’d need to redo multiple lots to accommodate the change.

Paralives floor plan
Paralives floor plans (@ParalivesGame)

A fan stated that the developers mentioned that they’d want their players to be able to create themselves. The fan pointed out that many people in the real world use wheelchairs and hoped this would be included in the game.

Another fan wanted others to understand that this was simply a suggestion and that there was no need for others to become negative towards the poster. They mentioned that the developers want everyone to share their ideas, even large ones, and since there are a lot of suggestions, they may be ones that won’t make it to the final build of the game. They stated that if devs don’t put in the work, they will end up with “soulless” games like the Sims 4.

The Paralives team is continuously working on the game and regularly gives updates on X and their roadmap. It is exciting to know that the developers are taking notes of everyone’s suggestions. The game is set to be released in Steam Early Access in 2025!

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