Nintendo Switch players warn Gloomhaven release is a "buggy mess" 1

The highly anticipated release of “Gloomhaven” on the Nintendo Switch has left many players disappointed and frustrated.

A recent post on the Nintendo Switch subreddit has highlighted the game’s numerous issues, with players labeling it as “unplayable” in its current state.

One player lamented their inability to even get past the tutorial due to the game’s numerous bugs and a clunky interface. They described the user interface as laggy, with noticeable input lag on the controls, and criticized the game for being poorly optimized for the Switch. Fortunately, Nintendo provided a refund for their copy, but the player felt compelled to warn others about the game’s current state.

The discussion quickly turned to whether these issues were exclusive to the Switch version or if they plagued all platforms. Responses from the community indicated that the game’s problems extended beyond just the Switch.

One user noted that based on reviews from Steam and other platforms, the game is currently a “disaster” everywhere. They speculated that the developers’ attempts to implement crossplay across all platforms might have introduced these widespread issues.

Another user pointed out that the game’s original developers were taken off the project, with a new team taking over. This new team, they suggested, might not have been adequately prepared to handle significant updates to the game, leading to its current state.

Despite the current issues, some players remain hopeful. One user recalled that when “Gloomhaven” was initially released on PC, it was also riddled with bugs.

However, over time, the issues were addressed and the game improved. They expressed hope that the same would happen with the Switch version and advised potential buyers to wait for updates before purchasing.

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