Nikke’s latest “cringe” ads leave fans wanting to uninstall

Nikke's latest "cringe" ads leave fans wanting to uninstall 1

Goddess of Victory: Nikke players find the game’s ads cringe-worthy, urging them to uninstall the game.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is a mobile game that combines elements of a role-playing and third-person shooter game and was developed by SHIFT UP Corporation. Players are the commander of “Nikkes,” who are humanoid weapons fighting against enemies.

The game garnered the players’ attention for its art style, character design, as well as its unique gameplay. This became popular among mobile gamers who want action, storyline, and pulling for Nikkes that they want to get.

Many players of the game organically came across the game through their mobile’s respective app stores. However, a player shared on Reddit a Nikke ad that they came across, opening a discussion on whether others would’ve downloaded the game because of it.

After seeing these types of ads from the game, a player expressed that these made them want to uninstall the game due to how bad they were. The original poster added that they were glad they didn’t see any of these ads before they installed the game.

Another player stated: “I honestly don’t understand how ads like these get made. It’s so far from the actual product.” In addition to this, a Reddit user expressed how much disservice these types of ads do for a game but still release them.

Some players explained that these types of ads are usually from outsourced mobile game marketing companies. The same type of ads are made for every game as there is a target audience for them. Some people would download the game due to these ads, which is the reason why they’re still around.

Another player believed that these types of ads hurt the game’s image. If this were their first encounter with the game, they would’ve never touched it as the “I have 50 million power” types of ads make them hate the game even without seeing the actual gameplay.

This wasn’t the first time players had a problem with one of the game’s ads, with the Thai version offending them. Thus, the company changed its style. However, if you’re looking to have the best Nikkes to have, check out our Goddess of Victory: Nikke tier list!

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