Nikke fans swoon over Elegg’s “thicc” design and unique jiggle physics

Nikke fans swoon over Elegg's "thicc" design and unique jiggle physics 1

The upcoming character Elegg in Goddess of Victory: Nikke has fans buzzing with anticipation over her eye-catching “thicc” design.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is set to welcome SSR Nikke Elegg into its Special Recruit lineup on February 22.

An enthusiastic player of the classic game BOOM, Elegg brings a special set of skills to the battlefield, capable of upping her team’s damage and applying strategic debuffs.

However, her gameplay mechanics are momentarily overshadowed by something else entirely — her design, which is making waves across the Nikke community.

Elegg’s character design has taken the fanbase by storm, with players fixating on her “thicc” build and the game’s intricate “jiggle” physics.

The Nikke introduction video has prompted a flurry of excited comments, with players noting the unique jiggle physics and exclaiming her to be “PB&J levels of Thicc.”

The fervor goes beyond Elegg’s visuals, as players compare her to other favorites in the game. Another fan declared, “She’s like an electric Anise,” likening her to another character, while others focus on her demeanor, saying, “She looks like she is looking down on me.”

Another player didn’t mince words, calling her “One of the most erotic ones so far,” highlighting the character’s strong visual appeal.

Elegg’s gameplay reveal has also sparked discussions about her role in the game. Introduced as a Burst 2 supporter, her skills are tailored for boss encounters, with abilities that enhance damage output during burst skills.

While some players question the practicality of her kit others are excited about the strategic possibilities she brings to boss fights.

With the server set to go down for maintenance on February 22, anticipation is building for Elegg’s debut.

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