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Welcome back to the captivating world of Lords of the Fallen. Today, we’re delving into a unique and powerful mechanic: Soulflay. This technique allows you to extract and attack the soul of your enemy, dealing massive damage and providing a strategic advantage in battle. Let’s explore how you can master Soulflay and use it to dominate your foes.

Why Soulflay is a Game-Changer

Soulflay is not just an attack; it’s a tactical advantage. By extracting the soul of your enemy, you slow them down, create an opportunity to deal significant damage, and disrupt their attack patterns. Whether you’re facing a horde of enemies or a single formidable foe, understanding how to effectively use Soul Flay can be the key to victory.

How to Master Soulflay in Lords of the Fallen

Step 1: Equip Your Lantern

To initiate Soulflay, you need to have your lantern equipped and raised. On Xbox, hold down the left trigger (L2 on PlayStation) to raise your lantern.

Step 2: Execute SoulFlay

With your lantern raised, press the heavy attack button (right trigger on Xbox, R2 on PlayStation) to perform Soulflay. This will extract the soul of your targeted enemy, pulling it towards you.

Step 3: Attack the Soul

Once the soul is extracted, attack it with your weapon. You will notice a white bar appear above the enemy’s health bar, indicating the additional damage you’re dealing to the soul. Successfully attacking the soul will deal massive damage to the enemy once the soul returns to their body.

Step 4: Recharge Your Soulflay

Soulflay is a limited resource, and you’ll need to recharge it after use. You can find blisters throughout the game that recharge Soulflay when you interact with them using your lantern. Alternatively, resting at a Vestage will fully recharge your Soulflay, ensuring you’re ready for the next battle.

Embrace the Power of Soulflay

Soulflay is a potent tool in your Lords of the Fallen arsenal, providing a unique way to deal massive damage and control the battlefield. By mastering the art of Soulflay, you’ll find yourself turning the tide of battle, defeating enemies with ease, and progressing through the game with newfound strength. Embrace the power of Soulflay, and let it guide you to victory.

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